Explorer Tuna Stand-up Harness / Butt Pad Combo

Explorer Harness with high and low straps for a perfect distribution



Stand-up harness.
The straps are designed in a super resistant, light and rot-proof material. Wide and divided into two parts (back + buttocks), the distribution of tensions is optimal. Attached to the harness, the very low and backward positioning of the heel of the cane allows maximum force to be applied during the fight by using the whole weight of the body rather than your arms.

Large harness (37 X 25 cm) in ultra strong and light plastic.
Ultra ergonomic: perfectly fits the legs for excellent load distribution. Internal face in EVA for maximum comfort. As the forces are distributed evenly over a large area, even more force can be applied. The very low positioning of the heel of the rod gives a greater leverage effect. This model has a deep guide rail to facilitate the positioning of the heel of the cane in tension in the cup. Possibility to remove the gimbal bar for single tail spinning rods.


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